A Halloween Love Story

A Halloween Love Story

My lover sits beside me and the cozy fire. The embers on the hearth glow blue to orange and red. All the night is still save for a few muffled pops as sparks, like tiny faeries, dance and shoot up the flue. My love rests her head against her favorite sofa pillow. Her hair, a chaotic swirl of golden curls, seems alive in the flickering firelight.

Such a love I have for her swells my chest and fills my soul. I study her perfect visage. The face is pale, pale as ivory. Her saucy lips that I know so well glow pink by the failing tongues of fire. Those dancing blue eyes that so light my life, now stare into those dying flames. What do they see? I wonder.

We exchanged our vows, she for a lifetime, I for eternity. But then she was sorely tempted and fell but came back to me to plead forgiveness and beg for my strength. I could never resist her entreaties, nor her tears. And I forgave her freely, as one who rejoices in forgiveness. Those blue eyes looked up to me, and surely she could see in my eyes tears as well. For it was then I then knew as surely as a thunderbolt the remedy for her misery.

She sat. I knelt behind her and whispered in her ears my pardon to her confession as I drew the blade swiftly across her pale throat from ear to ear. She gushed. Oh my, how she gushed! You would have been surprised at the great effusion of blood from one so small as I lovingly tilted her head back to better help her drain. So now here we sit in silence, my love clad all in crimson beneath her, oh, so pale and lovely face, and I beside her as the long night deepens.


2018 – Karl Stewart (in the style of E.A.Poe)