The Seventh Cruise – Synopsis

Seventh Cruise Cover front

On December 7, 1941, an unprepared and pacifist America is suddenly thrown into WWII. Young men and women from every corner of the USA leave homes and schools for military service or jobs in the burgeoning war industries. In WV, Choctaw Indian legend See Bird Carpenter must advise and prepare his grandson, Stu Carter, for what is to come. But what can prepare a teen from the mountains for four years of naval conflict across two oceans?

Other young men, both American and Japanese, heed their nations’ call and abandon their college classrooms for combat flight training. Young women, such as Maggie Cernak join the labor force to provide the weapons of war needed to prevail.

When Stu meets Maggie while on “liberty,” sparks fly. But can love survive the brutality of war? This new generation must grapple with issues such as courage, honor, and integrity amid bombs and cannon-fire. Their conduct will shape the post-war world.

You may purchase this book on, or contact the author for an autographed copy at

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