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The seven novels listed here complete a family saga beginning in the 1860s and concluding in the 1960s. The first three novels – “The Legend of See Bird” set are American westerns, covering the life and times of See Bird Carpenter until around 1924. Then a generation passes. The saga is picked up again with the onset of World War II and begins the Stu Carter part of the tale. “The Seventh Cruise” is the story of Stu Carter, See Bird’s grandson, now a young sailor fighting in two oceans. The “Harvey’s Creek” pair of books is the story of his attempt to rejoin civilian life, as told by his son of the same name. “The Green Light” tells the tale of Stu’s son, now grown to manhood, as he searches for his place among America’s most elite fighting force, The Green Berets.

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The Legend Of See Bird: The Last Long Drive (Book 1)

It’s the final cattle drive for Bar L Ranch manager “Big Jim” McCarty, but a first for Choctaw Indian-turned-cowboy See Bird Carpenter…


The Legend of See Bird: Devil’s Backbone (Book 2)

Author Karl Stewart spins another good yarn in his latest book, Devil’s Backbone, the second novel in Stewart’s Legend of See Bird series. In real life, Stewart’s grandfather was a successful rodeo cowboy known as “Red” Carpenter…


The Legend of See Bird: Kiamichi (Book 3)

It’s the dawn of the Twentieth Century, and in Washington DC the youngest man ever to serve as President of the United States prepares for a tour of the West that will shape his future and America’s destiny…


The Legend of See Bird: The Collection

Receive The Legend of See Bird: The Last Long Drive, Devil’s Backbone, and Kiamichi


The Seventh Cruise

On December 7, 1941, an unprepared and pacifist America is suddenly thrown into World War II. Young men and women from every corner of the USA leave their homes and schools for military service or jobs in the newly developing war industries…


Up Harvey’s Creek

Something is terribly wrong with Junior Carter’s father. Stu, a veteran of four years of naval combat in WWII, has become increasingly erratic and violent, threatening the stability of the family. Eleven year-old Junior concludes it is his task to find and fix whatever has gone wrong…


Fare Thee Well Harvey’s Creek

The touching conclusion to the poignant tale of a young boy’s sense of loss, grief and ultimate healing, Fare Thee Well, Harvey’s Creek completes a year in the life of Stu Carter, Jr. begun in the novel Up Harvey’s Creek…


Up Harvey’s Creek: The Collection

Receive Up Harvey’s Creek and Fare Thee Well Harvey’s Creek


The Green Light

It is 1968. In Asia, the war in Vietnam rages unabated. In the USA, cities burn amid protests and assassinations. Meanwhile, from the Caribbean to Bolivia, men of the 7th Special Forces wage a secret shadow-war against forces committed to the destruction of the American way of life. Stu Carter, college drop-out and freshly minted Green Beret assigned to Team A-45, must learn to adapt or die in the dim jungle light, while coming to terms with concepts of honor, loyalty, and integrity. The Green Light shines brightly on a largely unacknowledged chapter of the American story.


Good Night, Sweet Dreams

Good Night, Sweet Dreams is an excellent introduction about accepting those who are different from us. Cultural diversity in education, whether at school or at home, continues to be important to society. Teaching respect of others is one aspect of this book. It’s an excellent way to open lines of communication between parent and child, teacher and student…