Wearing a pair of chaps made by ‘Granddad’ See Bird

Karl Stewart draws on his eclectic background to shape his writing. Raised in the hills of post-WWII West Virginia, he proceeded to study for the Catholic priesthood. Having been expelled from the seminary for excessive individualism, he joined the US Army in the late 1960s and became a communication sergeant in the elite Green Beret Special Forces.

Upon returning to civilian life, Stewart became a high school Social Studies/English teacher, earning a Master’s degree in Education along the way.

In 2005 Stewart retired from teaching to devote himself to the two things for which he has always had an overriding passion – writing and his family.

His first book, “The Legend of See Bird: The Last Long Drive,” was published in 2012 by Headline Books, Inc. It was followed by the sequel, “Devil’s Backbone,” which won Honorable Mention at the 2015 Southern California Book Festival. Both books are based on the life of his great-grandfather, a Choctaw Indian.

He and his wife live in rural Wisconsin on a pine-lined ridge with a stunnng view to the south that echoes his childhood playgrounds in West Virginia.


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  1. My eyes are blurry this morning because I HAD to stay up until 2:30 this morning in order to finish “The Last Long Drive.” In an earlier attempt to go to sleep, I found my mind continued to wander back to the story and characters so well painted on the pages. You left me no choice but to get up and read to the end of the book. Well done! You have a new fan residing in central Wisconsin.

  2. Karl, I am a great-grandson of Seebird Carpenter. His daughter, Lillie Mae Carpenter, married my grandfather, Kennie Hansford Harris. I am Kennie Harold Harris, Jr. I have a picture of Seebird in his chaps, with his Colt .45’s and lariat, and another with him on a mule holding my grandmother, with my great-grandmother, Ginny standing beside. We must be distant cousins. I still have Harris relatives in Huntington and Proctorville.

    • Hi Kennie, It’s great to hear from you. I would love to see any photos you have of Seebird. Mine are of him as I knew him, a man in his 80s. That old man was the best man I knew as a child. He died when I was ten, leaving a hole I never really filled. I doubt that you and I are related biologically as when Seebird married Sally he adopted her child by a previous marriage to a Logan county sheriff shot by moonshiners. That little girl, Gertrude was my grandmother. But I never knew any of that until I grew up, It never would have mattered to me. He was always “Granddad” to me.

  3. My email address is Send me a direct email and I’ll send you the photos I have. I’d like to see whatever ones you may have as well. It’s very interesting reading your book and getting to know more about my great grandfather. I am not old enough to have met him but I have heard about him all my life.

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